Village Deathcare Non-Profit

What is Village Deathcare?

Village Deathcare empowers individuals, families and communities through education, modeling, and one-on-one caregiving to spiritually, emotionally and physically support the dying. The focus is on health and well-being throughout the life-cycle, understanding that an awareness of mortality awakens a completeness of the preciousness of life. Village Deathcare consults or collaborates with doctors, hospice staff, therapists, town clerks, schools, chaplains, spiritual centers and other community members and organizations to create more cohesive awareness around end-of-life plans/directives, care and disposition. This non-medical form of death doula care encourages community deathcare in holistic and therapeutic modalities to reduce anxiety and existential fears by encouraging clarity through mindfulness, breathing practices, education, self-love, ancestral healing and multicultural support.

Village Outings and Social Club

Who said aging can’t be fun? Connecting with each other when we are not as mobile as we once were can be a challenge. The Outings & Social Club brings us to matinees, brunches, parks, museums and sometimes to a hearth just for knitting, chatting and drinking tea. (And, if there is interest, we can venture to far-off lands as well!) This club is designed for those ages 65+ but younger chauffeurs are welcome! Schedule and details coming soon.

Anam Cara/ Death Doula Services

Death companioning is assistance through the dying process, sometimes called a death doula, end-of-life doula or in Irish Gaelic, an Anam Cara is a “soul friend.” Village Deathcare offers one-on-one conversational and/or physical support, creative therapeutic modalities and ceremony services for human, animal and nature. Request services or information by clicking on the button below. A trained Village Deathcare Citizen will be happy to reply to you.