Shadow Work Sessions (Solo & partner)

By leaning into, examining and eventually learning about our shadows– the parts of us that hold us back– we can begin to transform our pains and fears into beneficial aspects of our being. It takes a great willingness to engage in conversation with what scares us, causes jealousy, anger or sadness. In a safe environment, with steady support, you’ll find that you have all the tools needed to engage in conversation with your shadows and live a more fulfilling and loving life.

Based on Tibetan Buddhist practice Chöd, as originally created by the eleventh-century female Tibetan teacher, Machig Labdrön, Feeding Your Demons® is a five-step process that guides the practitioner to transform their demons into protective allies. Anne-Marie is a life-long meditator, meditation instructor and certified facilitator of Feeding Your Demons®.

To book, first inquire if this type of shadow work is right for you by contacting Anne-Marie. She is available for in-person sessions in her office in St Johnsbury Vermont or via Zoom. Initial sessions will take approximately 1.5 hours. Subsequent sessions usually take one hour total

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