Growth Rings: Ancestral Tree Meditations & End of Life Guided Journal


Enticingly spiritual in nature, and grounded by practical prompts for recording the details and story of your life, Growth Rings will open you to a world not commonly explored. Through contemplations involving trees, and encouragement to learn about your mind while wandering through forests, Growth Rings reminds us that we are only on this planet for a short time, and we should prepare for our own future deaths while truly living in the preciousness of our daily activities. Delve into ancestral studies and record your ancestral tree, explore the forest of your mind, journal about the times Before You, Of You, and After You, and consider the form of disposition that suits you best at the end of your well-lived life.

*Note: E-Book is for download on computer only, not for your phone.

When you have completed the end-of-life guide and journal portion of this book, it will be a valuable resource for your loved ones, easing their ability to care for you while you are dying and after you have departed. Here are some things your loved ones can count on, if you complete this book and share it with them:

  • They will know how you wish them to care for you while you are dying.
  • They will know how you wish them to care for your body after you have died.
  • A eulogy can easily be written.
  • They will be able to look up your thoughts on certain topics, long after you have departed.
  • Future generations will have a detailed account of your life.
  • Any of your descendants, studying their ancestry, will have this record to reference.

With full color illustrations, and thought provoking (sometimes humorous) prompts to share your life story, this book is delightful for yourself or to give as a gift. Anyone who has an interest in nature, trees, life, magic, death, mindfulness practices or may one day die themselves, will benefit from the work in Growth Rings.

“Growth Rings allows us to reflect on our life, and that of our ancestry in a way that covers not only the necessities and practicalities of death and dying, but the sweet tender spots of reflection that death brings to us all.  Through each meditation Anne-Marie guides us to look at our life and nature through the perspective provided by trees.  Like the trees themselves, our body, our being, tells a story– one woven with knots and scars, bounty and hardship.”  ~Salicrow, author of Jump Girl (2018) The Path of Elemental Witchcraft (2022)

Anne-Marie is author of the Independent Publisher Book Award-winning book (2020), Death Nesting: Ancient & Modern Death Doula Techniques, Mindfulness Practices and Herbal Care. Of Irish Celtic and Finish Sámi ancestry, she is a Life-Cycle Funeral Celebrant, Home Funeral Guide, Feeding Your Demons facilitator, and life-long meditator. She is an advocate for decentralizing deathcare, and teaches ancestral studies and shadow work in order to build empathy for self and other and, in turn, healthy, loving, and resilient communities.

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*Note: E-Book is for download on computer only, not for your phone.