How is Community Deathcare Different From “Regular” Death Doula Training?

What is learned in community deathcare is not anything special. It is sacred, not special. When you learn about deathcare, it does not make you special.

Deathcare is a human right. Your community deserves to have access to everything that is learned in a death doula training — and yes, you personally will benefit from what you have shared with your community. Yes, you too will die, and you may not be able to afford the one-on-one care from a death doula who is in business for themselves.

Why Study Death & Dying with Anne-Marie?

Awakening to Source Energy Amidst Turbulence

These trainings and workshops will center you into your own source energy to unwrap the gift of peace of mind and greater clarity to navigate your medical, emotional and spiritual journey in a way that brings you comfort and perhaps even joy.