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You have arrived here. You have wandered the turbulent waters of your past and now hold the light into the future. It’s up to you to share freely, openly and loving about what you have ventured through in this course. Please, connect with one another here, keep in touch and support one another through community. It takes a village to serve each and every being through dying- which in essence- is just life on planet earth.

Here you may share a little bio of yourself, the town/city state and country where you live and your contact info so that you can stay in touch with the graduates of other sessions. You may also wish to share which session you were a part of (such as summer 2022).  It may come in handy if you wish to come to the Vermont Death & Dying Symposium which happens every end of summer/autumn and you want to share transportation!

Please do not share the content of this course and also please do not share each other’s private information. Respect, and love to each of you.