“Death nesting is a vital element in reclaiming personal power during this very important phase of life; end of life care. Anne-Marie weaves together the healing sensory modalities of the old with the modern necessities of today. A book worth reading.”  –Olga Nikolajev RN, MA, CT,

“As Keppel describes it, conscious care of the dying incorporates practices such as meditation, ceremony and aromatherapy. Candid about the challenging realities of the dying process, she provides practical guidance for caregivers and family members both before and after the death. Death Nesting is a valuable primer not only for prospective doulas but for anyone who expects to die someday.”  –Book Review by Seven Days newspaper, Vermont

Death Nesting incorporates ancient and modern death doula techniques, mindfulness practices and herbal support to physically, emotionally and spiritually care for the dying. The focus is on “whole being” caregiving for home deaths but can be implemented into other settings such as acute care to create a more holistic experience. Basic physical care for bedridden individuals, anecdotal vignettes and glimpses into the world of spirit emphasize the poignancy, yet lightheartedness, of the dying process.

Serene forest river

“Behind your image, below your words, above your thoughts, the silence of

another world waits.” 

– John O’Donohue

Ancient Death Doula Series

For ages 11+ these intergenerational light-hearted and magical adventures are excellent book club material to start conversations about death and dying, ancestry, youth empowerment and healing on multiple levels. 


“Perfectly timed and with a plethora of social justice messages for teens rolled into one captivating fantasy novel”  — Lee Webster, funeral reform advocate and thought leader, National Home Funeral Alliance, National End-of-Life Doula Alliance, Green Burial Council

“Anne-Marie Keppel’s delightful book The Death of Faefolk offers the reader an enchanting story that masterfully weaves in themes of loss and grief along with factual information about death. This book is an essential tool for educating young adults about death as a key to the cycle of life and presents the information through a comforting and non-threatening tale. I highly recommend it for readers of all ages who want to get in touch with the gift of our mortality.”
-Karen Wyatt MD, Author of 7 Lessons for Living from the Dying, Host of End-of-Life University Podcast 

Ghosts, banshees, fae lights and funerals… Four young adults and a mysterious young man are brought together through the death of their beloved dog only to discover that death and life are inseparable and living is more precious because of it. Magical, humorous and emotionally moving, this is the story of life after the Great Virus where death education has become essential to understanding how to love and how to live.   

RELEASED JUNE 2021! Spirit forests, werewolves and magical saunas keep Tiger and her friends intrigued while they put their intuitive powers and death doula skills to use. Book two in the Ancient Death Doula Series brings Tiger and her friends to her Finnish relative’s country Inn in Vermont. Shrouded in mystery, the five aim to discover what happened to Tiger’s missing (or dead?) uncle while caring for her aunt and all while running the Inn themselves.

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